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Agile for Business | Agile@Home

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What is Agile? Agile is typically used within the Software Development space to encourage collaboration and self-organization amongst teams. Teams create products and/or services within specified timeframes to deliver incremental value to their customers. Agile is based on a set of 12 principles and 4 values and thrives with change. Teams are given flexibility to inspect and adapt as necessary to create working software/services.

As an Agile and Life Coach of MiLu Unlimited LLC, I empower clients of all types to be more strategic, tactical, innovative, mindful and philanthropic in their ways of working.  At MiLu, I am able to leverage skills from my 20 year Information Technology (IT) career and blend them with life coaching skills to enhance the well-being of individuals and teams. Although Agile is well-known in IT/Software Development Community, there are transferrable skills/tools that can also be applied to our personal lives.


At MiLu, I provide Agile for Business coaching to meet the needs of managers, scrum masters, product owners, and development teams as well as Agile@Home coaching to help individuals and families needing support for day to day household management and planning.


What is Agile@Home?

Agile@HOme: Agile is not just for software development

Agile is an iterative approach that is typically used in software development that helps teams identify, prioritize, and deliver value to their customers in shorter timeframes than traditional project management. The purpose of Agile@Home is to give individuals and families a visual way to collaborate on personal tasks and other general household responsibilities. In this class, MiLu Unlimited LLC will share a set of processes, tools, and techniques to assist clients with organization, time management, and communication. Clients will (1) Learn what it means to be Agile (2) Learn how to create an Agile at Home environment within their every day life and lastly (3) Learn how to get started.

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